Rosie Riches : Mylked First Timer


“You just got mylked”. Those four words sound so hot when uttered by Rosie Riches. The pint sized cutie makes her Mylked debut and she doesn’t disappoint. It may be her first time under the milking table but Rosie is no stranger to jerking dicks. Its a sport she enjoys tremendously and one where she gives her all. Today, she wants you to sit back and watch her do her thing. That thing would be jerking your dick until it melts in her hand. A little lube is all it takes for this babe to jump into her element.

For Rosie Riches, stroking your dick is about the journey. The destination is just a cherry on top of the cake. Yes, she wants to make you nut but she’s just as content to be playing with your dick. She tells you how excited she is to have your big dick throbbing in her hands. And when her finger tips make contact with the tip of your cock, the petite brace-faced teen can’t help but smile at your reaction to her touch. That reaction gives her the boldness she needs to proceed with the aggressive handjob she has in mind.

You don’t care whether Rosie Riches strokes you roughly or gently. You don’t care if she uses fast or slow strokes. All you care about is that her hand never leaves your dick until you nut. That’s an easy promise for this slut-in-training to keep. Not once through out your hook up does Rosie’s hand depart from your dick. She strokes it up and down and she even twists her hand around it. Her hand doesn’t stop moving until a huge load comes shooting out of your dick, completely drenching her tiny naked body.

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