Kitty Quinn : Milked By A Kitty


Move over Pussy Cat Dolls, there’s a new Kitty in town. Milk doesn’t make her purr but cum sure as hell does. The stunning Kitty Quinn is in the milking zone today and she’s not leaving until you give her every last drop of your cum. So, are you ready to be milked by a Kitty? Of course you are. Sit back and watch as this pigtailed sensation works her magic on your throbbing dick. She wants you, that much is certain and the way your dick responds to her touch shows that you want her just as badly.

For Kitty Quinn, playing with your thick eight incher is an honor. Its one she doesn’t take lightly either. This stunning beauty wants you to know just how much she appreciates you letting her play with your dick so she strokes it tenderly and blows it a kiss. She also verbally expresses her gratitude, much to your delight. Hearing her praise your dick as her hands tug it gets you even harder. Kitty on the other hand gets off on knowing she has full access to your goodies without any kind of commitment baggage. That gets her wet which means, she strokes your cock with a little bit more vigor than ever.

To make sure all her attention is on you, Kitty Quinn doesn’t even slide her hands into her short shorts to pleasure herself. She does however pull up her top to reveal a set of bra-less bouncy titties. You can’t see her from the other side of the milking table but she positions herself in such a way that your nut lands on her boobies. Her timing is spot on, as usual. Almost as soon as her tiny top completes its ascension to the top of her titties, a monstrous load shoots out of your prick and soaks every inch of her fun bags!

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