Ari Parker Returns To The Milking Table


Ari Parker is a blazing trendsetter. She likes to make history and she’s making some in this brand new scene from The slender babe is the first model to ever return to the milking table for seconds. I guess the first time around was so much fun so she figured why not go back for some more. We’re only too happy to have her here. She’s hot and pretty damn good with her hands. She also likes to talk dirty which is just a cherry on top of the proverbial perfect cake!

The beautiful Ms. Parker is excited to be sharing the same space as your cock. She slightly parts her legs and flashes her pussy as the camera pans across her flat belly and up her boobs. She professes her desire to get drenched in your warm jizz and you get even harder than you already are. And when her hand reaches up and caresses your rock hard prick, it takes everything in you not to cum all over her. She smiles because she likes having that effect on you. Ari Parker can’t see your face but the way your balls tighten in her hand lets her know that you’re enjoying this as much as she is.

So now the big question is, can Ari Parker get you to cum with just her hands? Our money is on her. We’ve seen her do her thing under that milking table before and we’re positive that she’s more than capable of making you explode. The stunning babe isn’t all talk and no action. In fact, her mouth moves as fast as her hands do. She talks dirty to you while using short but fast strokes to get you to the finish line. She’s mid-sentence when you surprise her with a monstrous load. It catches her off guard but she loves having every drop drip down on her perfectly sculptured naked body.

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