Lola Leda : First Mylked Experience


For an interactive experience under the milking table, call Lola Leda. This stunning brunette doesn’t like one sided fun. She prefers to engage her mystery client as she works on his dick. Maybe some men don’t appreciate this much talking but it turns this particular guy on. As Lola rubs his dick, she asks him if it feels good. Of course it does. When she lubes it up all over again, the pigtailed cutie wonders out loud how good the dick would feel in her mouth. This is music to the man’s ears. He inches closer to the point of explosion.

Lube drips off his dick which amuses Lola Leda. Pumping the dangling dick with her hand makes her wet so she spreads her legs and brings her pink vibrator to her bushy snatch. The second it hits Lola’s sensitive clit, she trembles and moans very loudly. All her talking is instantly replaced with moaning. The sexy babe still keeps her hand on the stranger’s dick though. There’s no way she’s going to leave him hanging even as she feels her whole body shaking uncontrollably.

There’s a tsunami building up inside Lola Leda and she can’t fight it any longer. Her moaning intensifies as she gets closer and closer to cumming. Her hand is still stroking away above her head. She wants to get her nut and then finish him off. All signs point to the hot stunner getting her way. But her loud moaning pushes the man to his finish line and as Lola’s thighs rattle uncontrollably, her client empties his load all over her tits and belly. Simultaneous orgasms weren’t in her plan but that’s exactly what Lola gets.

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