Cum Drops On Dixie Lynn


How hard is it to milk a cock while masturbating? Let’s ask Dixie Lynn. The freckle-faced teen faces this dilemma in this brand new scene. We give her a cock to wank and a magic wand to pleasure herself. Then we sit back and watch. Watching Dixie is a real treat. She’s good at multi-tasking so stroking the dick poking through the massage table while vibrating her pussy is no big deal for her. In fact, having the wand stuck to her clit makes her jerk the dick with a degree of intensity we haven’t seen under the milking table in a while.

The best part of this show though is watching Dixie Lynn try to finish off her mystery client while on the cusp of orgasming. Her eyes roll to the back of her head as the magic wand hits her sweetest spot. She moans and her muscles tighten as an explosion of pure ecstasy washes all over her petite body. But Dixie’s hand never stops stroking her client’s dick. The pigtailed cutie knows this isn’t about her but him and she wants them to cum at the same time.

Her moaning drives the man on the table bonkers, in a good way. Combine that throaty moan with sensual stroking and the lucky lad is well on his way to the most intense orgasm of his life. Dixie Lynn’s body is ready for a release too. Her thighs tremble and her nipples harden. There’s no turning back this time. She couldn’t stop the orgasm if she tried anyway. Right when she closes her eyes and cums on the magic wand’s head, the dick in her hand drops a warm load on her perky tit.

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