Edging Session With Shae Celestine


First I get my nut, then you get yours. That’s just how Shae Celstine rolls. The stunning redhead drops by Mylked.com ready to play and she doesn’t disappoint. In fact, watching her do her thing will give you a whole new appreciation for gingers. Long story short, she gives redheads a good name. Shae is feeling frisky when she slides underneath the milking table. The big dick poking through the hole has her drooling at the mouth. She doesn’t ask for permission to stroke it, she just grabs it and starts doing her thing.

Always one to keep us guessing, Shae Celstine smiles as her fingers explore every inch of the cock. Her pussy gets wetter and wetter the longer she strokes the big dick. Soon, she’s so wet in between the legs that she simply can’t ignore her own needs. So, she reaches for her giant vibrator and presses it against her pulsating clit. The impact of the vibe against her clit almost causes her hands to drop from the dick. It feels so good and Shae can feel herself about to cum any second.

So now the sexy babe has a decision to make. Should she focus on making herself cum or keep on edging her play cock? Simultaneous orgasms would be wonderful but Shae Celstine is so far ahead of the curve. She stimulates her clit persistently until she cums on the vibrator. Then she returns her full attention back to milking the protruding cock. The man on the other side of the table begs her to stroke him off faster so that’s exactly what Shae does. It pays off big time when just a few moments later, he explodes all over her rack.

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