Intense Milking Table Jerking With Jillian Janson


Jillian Janson, that name is enough to send shivers down any man’s spine. For the man perched on top of the milking table, knowing who is under it excites him tremendously. He spurts out pre-cum as soon as the toned model touches his manhood. She smiles. This is the reaction she’s come to expect from men. The horny man isn’t the only excited one in this scenario though, Jillian is too. Her slender body wiggles around on the couch aching to be touched. But she knows she must focus on the dick dangling above her.

She reaches for her bottle of lube and slathers it all over the hard dick. It gets even harder. This is yet another reaction Jillian Janson expects from dudes. She just has this kind of effect on men, even those who can hear her voice but can’t see her. Her voice is low and sexy, she moans as she gently caresses the man’s dick. Her fingers tease his dick head causing him to jerk forward in anticipation of a release. Jillian isn’t ready for him to cum just yet though. She wants to play with his dick just a tad longer.

He doesn’t mind. In fact, he inches even further into the hole in the table. He wants to make sure that Jillian Janson strokes every part of his manhood. And she does. She polishes his dick from top to bottom like a pro. Jillian’s stroking brings the man to the edge but its her constant moaning that pushes him over the edge. As thick spunk drips out of his freshly tugged prick, the sexy babe thrusts her body forward. That jizz hits her right in between the tits and Jillian flashes her megawatt smile as she rubs it into her flawless skin.

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