Teen Kristy May Enters the Cum Extraction Zone


Kristy May is the gift that keeps on giving. She’s easy on the eye, she gives a heck of a handjob and she talks dirty. That’s like hitting the jackpot and not having to pay taxes on it. Except of course the taxman always comes calling but I digress. This teen cutie decides to go where much older women wouldn’t dare step foot. She slides underneath the milking table with zero nervous energy around her and a whole lot of excitement. Kristy is eager to prove that she may be this innocent-looking teen but she can extract cum from dicks just as well as women twice her age.

Who are we to argue with her? We watch with anticipation as she makes herself comfy under the massage table. Her legs spread apart to reveal a tight shaved snatch just begging for a pounding. But getting laid isn’t her mission today. She’s here to milk the throbbing cock poking through the table. The small tittied teen reaches up with her left hand and starts massaging the big dick. “I love stroking dick” she says, and we can’t help but agree with her.

Her love for dishing out handjobs is as clear as day to anyone watching. Her thumb fiddles with the pulsating dick head and its a surprise the man above doesn’t explode on the spot. Kristy May continues to tease with her pussy as her hands stay busy on the dick above her. She jerks it up and down and rakes her long, manicured nails across the dick head. This is a good arm work out for the teen babe but she doesn’t mind. She wants a load splashed on her small perky tits so she’s determined to keep going until she gets what she wants. So is her cum extraction mission successful? Check out the full length video at Mylked.com to find out!

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