Karina Kaifova: You Just Got Mylked


Its the little things in life that brighten up someone’s day. For Karina Kaifova, that’s watching her mysterious client drip a boatload of pre-cum as she jerks him off. She wants him to cum hard for her but seeing the incredibly large amount of precum dripping out of his cock gets her super excited. This is the hot brunette’s first time under the milking table but she takes to it like a total pro. She reaches up and sensually rubs the dick poking out at her as she tells the man how much she’d enjoy having his dick inside her.

Hearing that gets him excited. Karina Kaifova may not be able to see his face from down below but his dick perfectly conveys just how thrilled he is to hear her say everything she’s saying. The hot babe spreads her legs apart and exposes her shaved pussy but she doesn’t touch herself. Its tempting but her commitment is to her client laying on that massage table. He needs some major relief and she’s determined to give it to him.

When his dick starts leaking uncontrollably, Karina thrusts her slender body up so all the precum can land on her skin. She knows that if he’s capable of dripping out this much pre-cum then his load is going to be off the charts. The thought of getting drenched in a monstrous load motivates Karina Kaifova to wank off the man even faster than before. Her extra effort doesn’t go unnoticed. In fact, it gets her the exact results she wants because a few minutes into her incessant cock stroking, her client lets loose and soaks her whole body with his creamy white seed.

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