Magic Wand Fun with Maya Farrell


Thank you, Maya Farrell whispers as your last drop of cum lands on her tit. But really, you should be the one saying thank you to this stunning beauty because the cock treatment you receive from her is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You show up to her massage table expecting a happy ending but she slides under the milking table with her magic wand. You can’t see her so you don’t know what’s going to happen. She doesn’t volunteer any information either. But, you do hear a buzzing sound when she turns her toy on.

This gets your sixth sense on high alert. But Maya Farrell doesn’t plan to use her sex toy on you just yet. She holds it up against her pussy with her feet and teases her clit while her hands find their way to your fat cock. Is Maya excited to see it? You bet! But just in case you have any doubts, this sexy brunette dispels them by tenderly stroking your 8-incher. The more she strokes it, the harder it gets. Soon, it can’t get any harder and that’s when she decides to bring her huge magic wand from her clit to your balls.

Maya Farrell presses the vibrating toy up against your balls while stroking your dick. The duo pleasure is almost more than you can handle. You can feel an explosive orgasm ripping through your body and you try to fight it without much success. The combination of her hands and the sex toy simultaneously wanking you off is too much for you to bear. Right before you nut though, Maya brings the wand back to her snatch. She wants you both to cum at the same time. As your load drips down on her body, her quivering body lets loose too.

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