Krystal Orchid Makes Her Debut


Krystal Orchid had us at pigtails. There’s something spectacularly hot about a redhead with pigtails but this one is in a whole league of her own. She’s got braces too and the one thing we can’t resist is a brace-faced redhead with pigtails. Clearly her male client feels the same way because his dick shoots to attention as soon as she shows up for milking table duty. Its her first time at this rodeo and her excitement is contagious. The sexy teen lights up as her hand dives forth. She can’t wait to milk the hell out of the dick poking down at her – and neither can we.

Krystal doesn’t make us wait long for the magic. The second she’s comfy underneath that table, she compliments pour out of her mouth. She’s buttering up her client in a bid to get him to cum for her. Her flattery works wonders because his dick grows even harder in her hands. This is exactly what the naughty redhead wants. She smiles slyly as she pumps that dick with one hand. Eager to see how else the man will react to her, Krystal piles on even more flattery.

As her words massage the man’s ego, her hand works on his dick. She rubs his dickhead gently at first but then she pace of her stroking turns slightly aggressive. This is his sweet spot and she knows rubbing it vigorously will get him across the finish line. She’s right. The longer she rubs the tip of that dick, the closer the man gets to an orgasm. Soon, warm liquid gushes out of his prick drenching the brace-faced teen’s exposed boobies. Not that Krystal Orchid minds one bit.

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