Harper Wright brings her A+ game to the milking table


Its Harper Wright’s turn under the milking table. To say she brings her A+ game to the table is an understatement because she comes ready to play. The sexy brunette cock stroker knows she’s in for a good arm work out and she’s more than prepared to give her client her all. She doesn’t say a word but she doesn’t need to. All she has to do is focus on the erect boner poking out of the hole in the table – and that’s exactly what she does. This tugging sensation delivers in a way that surprises even her client. From the moment she grabs his dick, he knows he’s in for the ride of his life.

Harper Wright certainly doesn’t disappoint him. Her grip is firm but not painful. She strokes fast, but not too fast to where it seems like she’s rushing him. The sexy babe knows just the right rhythm to use to get her faceless client exactly where he wants to be. She’s in no particular rush to finish him off anyway so the longer it takes him to nut, the better for her. That means she gets to play with his dick even more! The brunette vixen is stark naked but she doesn’t even pay her pussy any attention. Her eyes and hands are focused exclusively on the hanging dick above her.

She lubes it up again and again and each time she gets back to it, her strokes get a little faster. There’s an urgency to her stroking now. Harper Wright is finally ready to help her massage client across the finish line. A moan from him let’s her know just how close he is to exploding so she thrusts her chest forward and smiles as the horny man let’s loose. His massive steady stream of cum drenches every inch of her soft, flawless skin – and she’s perfectly okay with that!

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