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She’s definitely ready for some fun because she’s butt naked under that table and as one hand reaches up to stroke her client’s dick, her other hand snakes down to her pussy for a private fingering party down under. Dava Foxx can’t help but touch herself as she tugs the dangling prick. She’s so turned on by it that her voice drops down to a sexy whisper as she communicates her excitement and all the plans she has for the thick prick. She intends to milk it until it bursts and the anticipation of having a massive load raining down on her makes this horny babe even wetter in between her legs. Her fingers sneak down to her clit for a quick rub but her attention quickly returns to her client.

She rubs his dick all over and then focuses on the head. This seems to trigger a reaction out of him more than anything else Dava Foxx does so she does it over and over again. The stunning brunette even bites down on her lower lips in a seductive way as she pumps the lucky man’s prick with her hand. Suddenly, with no warning at all, a huge load comes shooting down from above. Dava thrusts her body forward and giggles with excitement as her rack and belly get drenched in warm man goo!

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