Dolce Vandela: Firm Stroking Under the Milking Table


Dolce Vandela brings a different kind of energy to the milking table. She’s pumped and ready to play and she keeps that same energy through out her time under the table. We’ve never seen anything like this at but you bet we were thrilled to have her! The busty blonde has a mouth filthier than a sailor’s and she puts that mouth to good use while her hands get busy too. She’s a cum slut on a mission to milk every last drop out of her client and she hits that ball right out of the park! In fact, Dolce is so damn good with her hands that she has the poor man dripping pre-cum before she even really gets started on him! Now that really gets her hormones going.

The stunning hottie slides under the table in a sexy one piece lace lingerie bodysuit. She’s horny as fuck and seeing a dick poking out at her gets her super wet. She smiles as she reaches for the prick. Dolce Vandela knows a good thing when she sees it. She knows she’s hit the jackpot with the erect boner peeking out at her. A playful and flirtatious hello, hello is her preferred way of introduction to the man she can’t see. Honestly, this expert handjobber couldn’t care less about his face. As long as she can see his dick and play with it, she’s one happy camper.

An admitted slut, Dolce Vandela uses the milking table as her personal confessional. She lays out all the naughty things she wants to do to the cock and each admission pushes her client closer to the edge. As her mouth yaps away, her left hand is putting in all the necessary work. She strokes that dick rather firmly and persistently and her hard work pays off big time when her client groans and unleashes a tornado of jizz down on her. As the cum soaks her big tits, Dolce can’t help but be pleased with herself!

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