Zoe Rae enters the milking table body blast zone


Its usually hard to predict how chicks will react to being under the milking table but that isn’t the case with Zoe Rae. This horny little nympho shows up fully expecting to get blasted with jizz – and let’s just say, she doesn’t leave disappointed. What she doesn’t predict however is how big of a cock she’ll get to play with. That’s a nice surprise to her eyes and her hands are quick to show their gratitude. The second Zoe slides under the table, she’s mesmerized by the big dick sticking out above her. She can’t stop talking about how big it is and she especially can’t stop playing with it. The more she tugs it though, the wetter she gets and soon, her pussy is gushing out juice faster than the river Nile!

If you think Zoe Rae is going to ignore the wetness in between her legs to focus on the dick she’s milking, you’re absolutely right. She ignores it, for a while anyway but her pussy keeps getting wetter and wetter until it gets to the point where the hot babe simply can’t keep ignoring it. So, Zoe slides her panties to the side and starts furiously fingering her shaved snatch. It’s so wet that it makes the best wet squishy pussy sound you’ll ever hear! Our horny slut moans as she gets herself off but she never forgets her client’s dick. As one hand pleasures her, the other hand is firmly glued to the thick prick poking through the hole in the massage table.

Soon though, Zoe Rae realizes that this massage session isn’t about her. Her relief is only secondary to her client’s relief so she refocuses on pumping his dick. She does that while begging him to nut all over her. In fact, Zoe is so desperate for the man’s jizz that she thrusts her rack so close to his exposed penis and begs him to unload all over her boobs. Surely she knows better than to ask for a cum blast under this particular table, right? Or maybe she knows exactly what to expect which is why she asks for jizz load to be dropped on her? Either way, Zoe gets exactly what she wants. That load looks amazing on her chest!

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