Cameron Minx: Dick Explosion Under the Milking Table


Cameron Minx is in the building which can only mean one thing – a dick is about to explode big time. The blonde cutie slides under the milking table and doesn’t waste any time getting straight down to business. She only has one job and she intends to do it right. Her hairy snatch is on full display for us to enjoy but her eyes and hands are firmly fixated on the big dick above her. She loves how hard it is but she especially loves the two giant balls dangling just underneath the dick. Cameron can’t help it, she’s a nuts kind of chick and those huge nuts are calling her name.

She happily answers their call by caressing them. Each ball fondle sends her mystery client into a frenzy. Cameron Minx is literally squeezing his semen out of his balls and the lucky dude loves every second of it! She gives the balls a break and shifts her attention to the man’s dick. The throbbing hard tool is ripe and ready for her. She’s ready for it too. Her hands glide up and down the rock solid pecker flawlessly. Each stroke and tug makes it impossible for her client to hold back the load building up inside him.

The sexy vixen under the milking table can sense that the man above wants to release his load. She smiles mischievously as she continues to tease the fuck out of his dick. Cameron Minx is having way too fun much teasing the poor. She rubs his cock head and fondles his massive balls some more, then she feverishly jerks his cock. The hairy babe thinks fast tugging will give her the dick explosion she’s hoping for but that doesn’t happen. Now it’s the guy holding back. He makes Cameron work hard for his nut. When she least expects it, a huge boatload of semen shoots out of the dangling dick and lands straight on her naked body!

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