Xaya Lovelle the Dick Drainer


There’s a reason Xaya Lovelle is referred to as the dick drainer. Every dick she touches explodes. No balls go un-drained in her presence so having her under the milking table can only mean one thing: a dick is going to explode. Where it’ll aim its content is up for debate but knowing Xaya, it’s bound to be some place interesting. The dark haired babe is eager to get started so she makes herself comfortable under the table and immediately starts declaring her love for the big dick poking out at her. She’s completely in lust with the stranger’s dick and she’s not shy about letting him know.

He doesn’t say a word to her but his dick hardens the more she touches it. Xaya likes hard dicks so naturally, she’s excited that one is in her hands right this second. The smokin’ hot babe adjusts her glasses and gets bolder with her stroking. She wants to make the big dick explode so she teases the tip with her finger tips and then uses firm strokes to milk the hard rod. Xaya Lovelle knows how to talk dirty without being too weird and her words get the man even hornier than he already is.

His dick trembles in her hands when she tells him how much she’d love to be bathed in his jizz. That’s what he wants too and unbeknown to the pretty babe, he’s inching closer and closer to a release with each tug from her hands. Of course Xaya Lovelle can’t sense just how close her playmate is to a release and he doesn’t tell her. As she works his dick with her hands under the table, the lucky guy tenses up. He can feel an orgasm building up and ripping through his body. Without warning at all, a huge stream gushes out of his dick and lands right on Xaya’s glasses. She thrusts her face closer to the man’s dick so the rest of his load can land on her pretty face!

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