Alexia Rae slides into the Milking Table Zone

Alexia Rae slides into the Milking Table Zone


Its not everyday that a chick as fine as Alexia Rae stops by the milking table zone. But she’s craving dick so bad and a whore’s gotta go what a ho’s gotta do for dick. So, under the massage table Alexia goes. She’s braless underneath her little black dress and her big boobs come tumbling out the second her hand goes up. But she’s not worried about her tits spilling out of her dress. Alexia has more pressing matters to deal with. Like that cock poking through the hole at her. It’s begging to be squeezed and stroked. That’s a beckoning this nympho can’t say no to. She very happily reaches up and slowly starts tugging her client’s cock until it hardens to her liking.

Alexia Rae licks her lips as she strokes the big hard dick in the table hole. She moans a little and hikes up her dress to show off her red panties. Then, because she’s so turned on, Alexia reaches into her panties and plays with her wet pussy. One hand rubs her clit but her other hand is firmly glued to her client’s dick. This sexy babe is a natural multitasker so she has no problem fingering her cunt while also playing with the stranger’s dick. Her attention soon fully turns back to the man meat dangling in her face. She wants to make it rain cum on her and in order for that to happen, Alexia knows she has to double and maybe even triple her stroking efforts. Is she up for the challenge? You bet she is!

In fact, Alexia Rae tightens her grip around the throbbing dick and tugs it with all her might. She moans as she feels the lucky man tensing up. His excitement gets Alexia even wetter than she already is. But there is no time to get herself off. All her energy is directed at the client. She can feel him inching closer and closer to the finish line so the sexy cock stroker increases the pace of her tugging until a massive load of cum shoots of out the dick completely drenching her rack! Not a bad day under the milking table for this hottie.

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