Kendra Heart Doused With Cum Under The Milking Table


Kendra Heart loves a challenge. We give her a vibrator and your hard dick poking through a milking table and dare her to do whatever she wants with both. Boy does she surprise us. This dirty talking slut doesn’t just go to town on your erect dick but she also pounds into her own wet pussy and get this – she fucks herself so hard that she squirts all over our couch! But, even as she toys her wet cunt, she never loses sight of your cock. She massages it and even vibrates your balls, causing you to jolt and twitch on the massage table. She shamelessly begs for your load in this hot scene from and when you’re ready to give it to her, it comes spurting out from above like heavy rain breaking through a clear blue sky!

Nothing brings Kendra Heart more joy than knowing she gets to play with your dick underneath the milking table. This stunning brunette knows a thing or two about making men cum with her hands and she’s willing to put those same hands to work on your dick. She loves how big and hard it already is. You’re laying face down on the table with everything hidden from her sight but your dick and balls. The gorgeous babe reaches for her lube and slathers it all over your protruding dick. She calls you baby and tells you all the nasty things she intends to do to you. Her soothing voice and dirty talk get you harder. Your stiff pecker gets her wet in between the legs so she spreads out and plays with herself.

Her fingers don’t seem to do a good enough job of satisfying her though so she grabs her vibrator and uses it on your balls first before sliding it inside her wet snatch. Kendra Heart momentarily gets carried away and fucks herself until she squirts out a massive ton of lady juice. Then the content babe re-focuses all her energy back on you. She tells you to cum for her but you’re not ready to just yet. You want a few more minutes on that massage table with the hot chick underneath milking your dick. A few more dirty words and some impressive stroking later and you’re ready to give Kendra just what she wants! Her reaction when your dick suddenly explodes and drenches her in jizz is absolutely priceless!

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