Kacey Jordan: Good To The Last Drop


Kacey Jordan likes what she sees. She can’t see her client’s face but she can see his dick. There’s nothing more exciting for this blonde bombshell than having a mysterious dude’s big boner poking down at her. More than just seeing it though, Kacey loves that she can reach up and play with it as much as she wants. This is a privilege she intends to maximize until the dick bursts! The top heavy babe had heard of massage table fun but she’s never been under the milking table, until now. The smile on her face says its everything she hoped it would be and then some.

Our eyes may be on her slick shaved snatch and her perky tits but Kacey Jordan’s eyes are firmly glued to the stranger’s dick. She can’t get enough of it and she let’s him know that much. The horny babe strokes that large dick while whispering sweet nothings to the man above. He responds to her ego stroking by dripping down on her. Not one to miss a beat, Kacey brings her mouth to the dick head and slurps up the tasty pre-cum. That’s her way of letting her client know that she’s a swallower not a spitter.

If this is how the busty blonde cleans up, the man on the table can’t wait to make a hell of a mess. She doesn’t know this of course and he doesn’t say a word. Instead, he stays still as Kacey Jordan works her magic on his cock down under. She tugs the erect prick and plays with the man’s balls and in the midst of pleasuring him, she sneaks in a little bit of self loving too. But soon, her hands return to the dick in the hole which Kacey strokes so effectively that a load shoots out of it. It lands right in her mouth and some splatters all over her chest.

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