Fully shaved Mikki Morgan drains a dick with her hands

Fully shaved Mikki Morgan drains a dick with her hands


Bright-eyed and freshly shaved, Mikki Morgan makes her descent down the infamous milking table for the first time. She doesn’t know what to expect but she’s open to having a good time. Her eyes sparkle as a dick slides through the hole up top. This is new territory for her. But, it’s exciting territory. Anything could happen. She knows the bare expectation is for her to reach out and at least say hello to the dick with her hand. When she does, the throbbing dick says hello back by pulsating deeply in the palm of her hand. This seems to thrill Mikki to bits. In fact, she giggles and flutters her eyelashes at the camera. Things are about to get super exciting under the massage table.

With one simple jerk, the dark haired vixen declares her love for the big dick pointing down at her. Then she vows to stroke it until it grows bigger and that’s exactly what she does. Mikki Morgan is on top of her stroking game so she has no qualms about stepping up and showing off her skills. She waxes the dick up and down flawlessly. Just for good measure, the socks-wearing cutie moans as her fingers explore the dick. Mikki wants to bring her client past the point of explosion. She’s due for her daily cum shower and she knows that the only way she’s going to get it is by thoroughly tugging the hard dick.

She rubs the underside of the cock and then teases the dick head with her finger tips. As her arm snakes around the cock repeatedly, her pussy purrs in between her legs demanding attention. Should Mikki Morgan abandon stroking her client’s dick and focus on herself or not? Maybe she can please them both at the same time. No, this sexy babe would rather channel all her energy into making the lucky man nut. So, she tightens her grip on the throbbing dick and strokes like her life depends on it. This pushes the man past the finish line. Mikki thrusts her whole slender body up and squeals as every inch of her frame is covered in jizz!

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