Amber Skye: Drenched in a Cum Avalanche

Amber Skye: Drenched in a Cum Avalanche


Weather forecast for today? A cum avalanche. Expect some masturbation too as well as a sprinkling of moans and a whole lot of stroking. Safe to say though that Amber Skye is ready for this messy weather. She is the reason for it anyway. The stunning brunette cock sucker is butt naked under the milking table in this video from <a href=””></a>. Her legs are spread wide open but her hands, eyes and full attention are on the dick poking out at her. She shamelessly ogles it and verbally tells her client all the nasty things she wants to do to him. Talk is cheap so Amber moves forward with some action. Her hand wraps around the throbbing dick and she moans as her finger tips explore every vein in the dick. Then she settles on the dick head and that’s when the real fun begins.

Amber Skye can’t get enough of the soft tip. She tenderly rubs it and smiles as pre-cum seeps out of it. It agrees with her touch. So the naked brunette rubs it some more. Each rub and tug makes the man’s cock harder and longer and soon enough, its standing at maximum erection. Then Amber increases the pace of her stroking. Her other hand dips down to her moist clit. Its slick and ripe for a rubbing too so she pleasures herself while pleasuring her horny client. He’s so turned on that his dick flicks as he tries to hold back the explosion building up inside him.

But Amber Skye wants him to nut. She wants him to cum hard all over her and bury her in his creamy jizz. So obviously she doesn’t appreciate the fact that he’s trying to hold back on her. Thankfully, she has a remedy for this. Her grip gets tighter and her words get nastier. Her stroking also gets more intense. She tells the man how much she loves his dick and how much she would love to be drenched in his cum. Its as if those are the words he’s been waiting to hear because as soon as Amber utters them, out comes an avalanche of warm white semen!

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